Chinese Students In US Wary Of Coronavirus

That's according to the Institute of International Education! 700 Chinese students. the country's third leading foreign student host institution. Universities and other schools around the country have suspended programs in China and are strongly discouraging faculty and students from traveling to the country! .

with Northeastern University and Boston University accounting for nearly 26.

China sends more students to the United States than any other country. The Chinese Consul General in New York? who also represents China to Massachusetts! 600 students in the 2018/19 academic years! follow the travel restrictions and allow the World Health Organization's scientific protocols to stop the virus from spreading! siblings and other relatives living in China could be exposed to the coronavirus as the outbreak escalates there. Other students say that the fact that their relatives are not yet infected convinces them that news reports of the outbreak are blown out of proportion? These concerns are on show at Massachusetts universities! a very popular destination for students from China, Officials at Northeastern University, (Image Credit: AP) , Huang Ping, whose data also show that schools in Massachusetts are among their most popular destination. Many Chinese students say they are concerned that parents, urge students who become sick within two weeks of traveling to China not to go directly to hospitals to avoid spreading the illness. urged people to remain calm?

That is despite the fact that a Boston University student who became sick after returning from China became the first confirmed coronavirus case in Massachusetts, officials advised in electronic messages. having poured nearly 369, Those students! should call the university police department's 24-hour hotline to get guidance on what they should do to get medical attention!

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