Bollywood shocked by the death of this legend..

if a great person dies! !

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the rescue team was delayed in reaching the site of the helicopter crash, Third party image reference Apart from this! During the 'Jaipur Literature Festival' held in Jaipur? Kobe's death has shocked the whole world, successful people in the world have a very high importance? And in such a situation! 9 people lost their lives in this helicopter, then it is a terrible shock to the world, !

Bollywood actress Diya Mirza wept while recounting this sad incident? a world-famous basketball player Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna Bryant died in a helicopter crash. many Bollywood celebrities shared a photo of NBA Legend Kobe Bryant through their social media accounts and paid tribute to him. Arjun Kapoor and many Bollywood celebrities condole the death of Kobe Bryant! Ranveer Singh. One such tragic incident occurred on Sunday! Third party image reference Due to the dense fog in the sky! This sad incident has also triggered a wave of mourning in Bollywood! Rishi Kapoor.

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