the news is yet to be confirmed. The actress is hopeful to

However. the actress who is confident is trying to get back into the hindi industry! the news is yet to be confirmed! The actress who worked in hindi movies earlier has struggled to set her foot strong in the industry. it is touted to be a tamil remake! The actress recently revealed that she wanted to try some 'Out of the Box' genres and she wanted to do as much as new genres possible before she quits the cinema industry. kajal aggarwal is a clear professional who has been in the industry for more than 15 years?

She clearly knows to be choosy in her movies and she easily scores Hits and Blockbusters. She is still the topmost actress among the top league of actresses.

. Now! The official update is awaited regarding this! kajal aggarwal worked in the tamil version of bollywoodremake 'Queen' and now in this new project in hindi. Recently, She will be seen in a new bollywood project opposite a young actor, .

The actress is hopeful to get success in bollywood before she calls it off.

kajal aggarwal is on a high after tasting some repeated successes.

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